Day 5 – To Stomp or Not To Stomp?

Friday is always a hit in Lourmarin, with the best markets in the region, and our tour has two opportunities to visit them. For those who just couldn’t wait, today was filled with shopping satisfaction, while the others enjoyed a very satisfying stomp … grape stomp that is.

While modern grape harvesting and crushing methods are certainly the most efficient way to make great wine, there is still something to be said for some of the traditional practises, like the grape stomp. The fun starts well before the wine even gets close to a bottle.

But first, the work! All those grapes have to be picked by someone, and our intrepid ladies were up to the task; heading out into the vineyard and hand picking bunches of beautifully ripe purple grapes enough to fill their stomping barrel. Then off with the footwear and jump right on in … stomping and squishing until all the juice has been released from the grapes.

And now to enjoy the fruits of their labours (well, at least the labours of someone at the vineyard who finished making the wine last season). The wines were accompanied by an amazing spread of fresh fruits, cheeses, charcuterie, truffles, breads, spreads and many other delicacies along with tales of the harvesting and other stories of the vineyard from our fabulous host.

Meanwhile, back in Lourmarin, the rest of the group were propping up the economy.

After lunch, the group reunited to have their curiosity about French supermarkets satisfied at the local Super U before returning to the chateau to cool off in the pool and relax for a few hours before dinner. Tonight, we hosted a special guest, Nathaly, who entertained us in her typically french chic style while Kym served another superb meal.

After a tiring day, it was off to bed early to rest up for another big day tomorrow.

Bon nuit.